Automating Lights, Sending Advanced MIDI Messages, HTTP Requests, and More through ProPresenter Slide Notation and the new PresentationBridge Client

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the real-time lyrics sharing software I created to help us be able to send lyrics from ProPresenter straight to people’s phones and tablets at our outdoor worship night. Since then, we have not used this software too much, but I have helped countless other churches get it going for them, especially in this era of doing church differently in a pandemic. Many churches have found this free software valuable so that they could share worship lyrics and other messages while doing outdoor or distanced services.

Now, I have an update!

I have created a client-side app that runs in the system tray to facilitate the connection to ProPresenter and send the lyrics to the cloud server. It also supports several unique “slide notations” that allow you to automate nearly everything just by having a ProPresenter operator click on a slide.

An example of slide notation that PresentationBridge Client supports.

These slide notations are interpreted by the PresentationBridge Client software and are triggered when they are a part of the current slide.

The PresentationBridge Client interface.

The software can also detect instances of ProPresenter (and midi-relay!) running on your network to help make it easier to get connected. It supports sending all of the midi-voice messages that midi-relay supports, as well as a custom shortcode for Chroma-Q Vista, which requires MIDI Show Control in order to remotely execute specific cues on specific cuelists. It can also send out HTTP GET/POST requests, and it can virtually press a Companion button on your remote instance of Companion. This means that you can do just about anything automatically, just by clicking on a slide.

We had a chance to use it in our outdoor worship night back in October, and it worked great! I was making tweaks to it in real-time as people were using it.

We used the new PresentationBridge Client at our outdoor night of worship and it worked very well.

Here’s a video that shows it in action:

This project will be released open-source at some point, but currently I am looking for a few testers to give their feedback. If you’d like to be considered, please reach out to me via the contact form and I will be in touch.

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