midi-relay v3.0 is here – as an electron app for Mac and Windows!

I decided to give some love recently to midi-relay since person after person asked me to make this an easier-to-run app rather than setting up a nodejs runtime.

When I originally created midi-relay, I designed it to run on every OS, especially the Raspberry Pi platform. Thousands of people use it all over the world for all kinds of stuff. Probably because it’s free. 🙂

This software is designed to accept a JSON object via its API and then turn that object into a MIDI command and send it out a local MIDI port. It allows for remote control of a lot of systems by sending the command over a simple network protocol.

Now it’s even easier to use.

It runs in the system tray for easy access.

Some new features include:

  • a new socket.io API for bi-directional communication
  • a virtual MIDI port, for loopback uses
  • an upgraded Bitfocus Companion v3 module
  • Disabling remote control, if needed

So if you’re a midi-relay user and you want an easy way to run this on your Mac or Windows desktop, go check out the latest release!

If using my software makes your life easier, please consider supporting my family.


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