A new Planning Center Online Services Custom Report, supporting Split Teams

One of the first blog posts here was about PCO’s custom reports. I’ve written a lot of them and helped a lot of churches get started with their own.

In anticipation of a possible need for split teams, I’ve now created a new custom report that has several customizable features, enhanced checklists, dynamic notes, and more, without having to write any actual code. Just modifying variables at the top of the report.

This new report supports the following:

  • Customizable header
  • Custom print order, with variable plan items as columns and/or rows alongside the plan item description
  • Dynamic checklists
  • Automatic highlighting of Plan Item Note changes to signify important information
  • Ability to display Plan Notes for everyone, by team, or by position
  • Custom CSS for your own unique look
  • Ability to show headers in their own row, or inline to save space
Here’s the report with Headers as their own rows.
Here’s the exact same report, but with headers inline for a cleaner look.

Here’s a video that shows how it all works:

Because of the substantial amount of work I have put into creating and coding this report, I have chosen to make this report available for purchase. I’m pricing it at a point that is affordable for most churches, at $45. Once payment is received, I will send over the report code and help you install it, if needed.

PCO Services Matrix Report with Split Teams, Fully Customizable

This custom report will revolutionize the way you share information with your team! Report code will be sent to the email address provided once payment is received.


If you have a need for a custom report beyond this, contact me! I’m always available for hire for your custom PCO reporting projects, or whatever other custom coding needs your ministry or organization may have.

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