Getting Started with Tally Arbiter and OBS Studio

I was asked recently over on the TechMinistry YouTube Channel to post a tutorial on how to get started using Tally Arbiter with OBS Studio.

Here’s that video:


  1. Any chance you plan to add support for the Panasonic HS-AW50. It appears to have a pretty simple protocol. Or can you guide me on how I would go about adding support?


    1. Hello Amit! You’re right, it does look like a simple TCP protocol. The key factor would be whether we have to poll the device for tally data on an interval or if it will return device state over the socket for as long as we remain connected. Do you know?


  2. Hey there, loving this!

    So… for our church we have an ATEM (mini) handling camera switching, which is connected via USB to our Mac running OBS.

    How do It route it so the cameras are sources on the ATEM, but will only register as ‘PGM’ or ‘PVW’ if I’ve activate the ATEM as a source on OBS? I think I’m not understanding something in the routing and settings.


      1. Thanks Joseph, Currently, I think this would be mainly helpful for our facilitators to know when the camera goes ‘live’ after we’ve cut back from video content…

        In fairness – we’re moving to do the service as a live event again rather than a live studio – so presenters will always be live as it were and only camera people will need to know if the feed is active… so I could switch to an empty input on the ATEM to let cameras know they’re not on.


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