Additional Cronicle Plugins

A few weeks back, I shared about how I am using a Chromebox running Node.js to run an automated scheduling server to control our production equipment. It uses the open-source project, Cronicle, to do this.

Since sharing that post, I’ve created a couple more plugins:

  • This one is probably obvious, but I’ve made a plugin for Companion. It accepts the IP of the computer running Companion, the TCP listening port (51234), and the page and button you want to press.
  • The second plugin I’ve made is to control TP-Link HS100 wifi outlets. We have a lot of these around here and we use them to turn on and off equipment remotely. I did some work awhile back to determine the protocol necessary to control them over the network without having to use the TP-Link app. Now we can do this through Cronicle which makes it super easy to automate turning on and off equipment for events.

These are available in the Github repository, so go check them out:

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