ProTally 1.4, with custom colors per tally box, now available

If you’re using ProTally, I’ve just released a new version that supports custom colors for each tally box, rather than global colors applied to all boxes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.15.01 AM

You can download the latest version on Github:


  1. I may need to test some more, but it seems like any keyer tallys are not actually responding. Inputs work, but the key ones don’t seem to be like they were yesterday on 1.3.

    Looking more, it seems that none of the internal “sources” (bars, color, keys) react to a tally.


      1. I just went back and checked, and I think I was fooled yesterday. That input was tied to the keyer, which was causing it to react rather then the keyer itself causing the tally. It would force a PVW + PGM color and because the colors were the same I thought it was the actual keyer doing it. I look into this more later today.

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