Getting A List of Active Users in Unity Intercom

At my church, we use Unity Intercom to expand our wired intercom system. It is very useful to have users who can be mobile and still stay in communication.

We wanted to have the ability for our directors to see who is currently logged into Unity without having to log into the server or be logged into a Unity client on a device.

After doing some digging and consulting the forums, I found out that if you go to this address:


The Unity server will return a JSON dataset of the server information including the list of users.

"users":[{"username":"josephadams", "title":"Joseph Adams", "allowedrcv":"63", "online":"0", "notify":"yes", "locksettings":"no", "lockchannels":"no", "groups":[{"groupNumber":"0", "transmit":"63", "receive":"63"}]},{"username":"technician", "title":"FG Tech User", "allowedrcv":"63", "online":"0", "notify":"yes", "locksettings":"no", "lockchannels":"no", "groups":[{"groupNumber":"0", "transmit":"9", "receive":"63"}]}]

Once you’ve parsed that JSON into objects, you just have to check if the “online” property is 0 (false) or 1 (true) and you now know who is logged in!

I added this to our director’s dashboard so now they can easily see who is available.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.10.05 AM

It’s great when we can extend software like this! I wish more software developers exposed REST API’s for their users. Great job, Unity!


  1. I came across your Unity “Active users” dashboard on the Unity Forum. I understand how to retrieve the JSON results, but I do not have the skills to develop an app that can process and display them. All we really need is a list of active users – if there is any ability to show what channels they are listening to (including Program channels) that would be extremely helpful. Anyway you can point me in the right direction?


    1. Hey Mike! The current API (that I am aware of, as it’s an undocumented feature) only lists the general information about the channels, groups, users, and program feeds available in the system. You can tell which groups a user is a part of, which in turn you can determine the channels in that group, but the API doesn’t show any active data about the channels a user is currently listening to. It only updates with the online status of a user.

      As far as just viewing a list of active users, you don’t really need to develop an app, you could just view them in a web page. Feel free to reach out to me via the contact form and we could talk about how to make this happen.


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